Bar and Restaurant Owners Welfare Association met DC, apprised him about their problems

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Shimla, 26 June, 2020. A delegation led by President, Rajan Bhardwaj, Bar and Restaurant Owners Welfare Association, HP, along with Treasurer OP Shyam and Executive Member Rajeev Sharma, met DC Shimla Amit Kashyap to apprise him about the problems being faced by the Bar owners and that they should be allowed to open for general services.

A presentation was also made by President Bhardwaj, on smooth operations and functioning of the Bars, as SOPs already outlined for the Restaurants.

Opening Bars and sale of liquor should also be allowed as vendor sales were already under way. He stressed the need from revenue point of view and the inability of the Bar owners to pay their staff and mounting utility bills.

Later during the meeting, a Video Conference was also held at DC office shimla in presence of Kashyap with the Director of Tourism.

Rajan Bhardwaj said that he heard their concerns very nicely and said that whenever he is talking about tourism sector than it is understood that Bars are also part of it.

He said that they would be also be going to meet him in a day or so for giving the SOP regarding opening of bars.

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